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"The driving force behind the music is to invite the listener to slow down their own inner tempo. By introducing a few elements at a time, I want to give the listener the opportunity to notice small nuances in the music."

Producer, songwriter, and multi keyboardist Ivan Blomqvist has played over 300 concerts world wide collaborated with musicians like: Nils Petter Molvær, Daniel Herskedal and Hanna Paulsberg. As a producer and songwriter he has contributed on over 20 releases and worked with some of Scandinavias most exciting artists, songwriters and producers such as dePresno, Silja Sol, and Neon Ion.

Ivan Blomqvist hail from the small town Järna, located just outside of Stockholm, Sweden. He quickly found his way into the world of jazz and in 2016 he got his bachelor's degree from the renowned music conservatory in Trondheim following years of touring Scandinavia and Europe with Neo-soul group Rohey.


In 2017 Blomqvist and the band Rohey was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy as ”Newcomer of the year” alongside artists such as Sigrid, Hkeem, and Charlotte dos Santos. A year later Blomqvist wrote a commissioned piece incorporating visual artist Oscar Udbye and the famous ”I have a dream” speech by Martin Luther King.

In 2019 he co-wrote and produced ”Def finns ett hav för dom som vågar” with Swedish artist Linda Sundblad (Max Martin, Lambretta) that included writing arrangements for the prestigious string quartet Oslo Strings. He also released the afrobeat knockout album ”Big City Moves” with his band Mosambique on legendary Jazzland Recordings.

A year later he collaborated with renowned producer Erlend Mokkelbost and award-winning artist Neon Ion on the fresh R&B album ”Heart Echoes”, ”one of the best pop albums in 2020” (Audun Vinger, Dagbladet). Blomqvist followed up with another collaboration on artist Silja Sol´s single ”Løse tråder”. He also produced and co-wrote the single ”Dunno” for Norwegian R&B queen Nosizwe. 

”Nu minns jag” is Ivans debut album as a solo artist and was released on Jazzland Recordings in 2020 with great reviews. ”Accompanied by clever electronic inventions, his compositions, which are classical in nature and steeped in jazz, minimal and pop, sound exciting and unpredictable.” (Dick Hovenga, Written in music).

Led by famous film composer Martin Horntveth Ivan played piano on the award winning documentary ”Estonia” in 2021. Later that year Blomqvist wrote and performed the solo commissioned piece ”Kontraster” after being awarded as ”Young Swedish Composer 2020” by Scenkonst Sörmland. 

In 2022 he produced and co-wrote multiple songs on artist Neon Ions album ”Mood Cosmic” including ”Stay Love” featuring Ola Village and collaborated with Norwegian pop sensation dePresno on the song ”Silence” released on Universal music. Together with artist Silja Sol and producer Erlend Mokkelbost Ivan wrote and played synths on ”Tomme lommer”, ”De e sant” and Lalala. 

The same year Ivan was granted a one year scholarship by the Norwegian arts council which resulted in various releases including his second solo album ”Bror” a requiem for his late brother Jonas. The album combines acoustic piano and electronic productions and features musicians like tuba virtuoso Daniel Herskedal.

”there’s no arguing that the Grammy-nominated Mr Blomqvist continues to establish himself as an important, and innovative writer in the nebulous, fluid crossover jazz, fusion, synth, pop fields where Norway continues to establish a global reputation” (David Bentley, Nordic Music Central).

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