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”The Brand new album from Mosambique, high octane jazzfunk for the feet and the brain. Loaded with enough energy to power a city indefinitely, and enough chops, chills, thrills and spills to send you spinning through their melodic universe, Mosambique grab their grooves and run with them. 


With influences from urban jazz, Afrobeat, EDM, Hip Hop and Funk, this full-throttle release captures the essence of the cultural melting pot of Oslo (and capital cities throughout the world, for that matter). Their cosmic gumbo has delicious beats to move your feets, and a fistful of earworms to riddle your brain. The album hurtles through space and time, gathering momentum and capturing vibes from past and future alike. 

With "Big City Moves", Mosambique are bringing a new music that is utterly unstoppable, and anyone who hears it will be scooped up and brought along for the ride of their lives!”    


Tack! Meddelande skickat.

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